About Us

A family-owned business with a passion for preserving beauty and moments in time.

We Create to Inspire Awe and Wonder

Hi there,

Flora and the Sun is run by us, a husband and wife team, Lora and Chris Calcara in Cardiff by the Sea, CA. The brand is the combination of our creative outlets in woodworking and floral preservation. The frames are inspired by our love of unique, rare wood and beautiful flowers.

I, Lora have spent over 6 years preserving flowers and nature objects in botanical jewelry pieces. My adoration of plants and flowers led me to experimentation with larger floral preservations. In the process, I discovered the magic of pressing flowers in floating frames. Experiencing the alchemy of creating larger pieces of art, I turned my side-hustle into a thriving business for my husband and myself. It gives Chris and I the privilege of a lifestyle in which we spend our days together in the studio. We have immense gratitude for our clients and feel very fortunate to have established a lifework that brings purpose and meaning to our life.

Our Passion

We continue to design jewellery with flowers – a perfect compliment to the framed works. Brides are ecstatic to receive a jewellery piece they can wear as a sweet nod to their day. 

When not in the studio, we roam lagoons, canyons and beaches collecting nature’s treasures for our ever-new collections of jewellery and wall décor. 

Why Choose Us

6 Years of Experience

Lora has pressed and preserved thousands of flowers in different mediums. She considers herself a flower whisperer.


Custom Everything

We design and finish our frames in our studio sourcing the best specimens of wood locally. The process of making a frame is time consuming and tricky but the result is masterful. Our jewelry and frames are a combination of our artistic skills and your very own style and essence and thus represents your unique individuality. 


We Listen

We strive to make you happy and make your choices easy. We read your soul. We collaborate with you to create a dream-come-true keepsake that lightens you and makes you proud. And we make it fun!