Have questions? Read below our FAQ and then send us an email! We look forward to hearing from you!

Why hire Flora and the Sun to press my flowers?

We are a husband and wife team passionate about our unique craft. We pride ourselves in our exceptional frames made from rare, exotic wood. Hiring Flora and the Sun means supporting a small creative team who takes to heart your wish to preserve your pretty memories forever.

What is the average cost?

Our customers spend on average from $375 (our medium frame) to $460 (our large frame) to $760 (a large frame, 2 standing desk frames, and a jewelry set). 

A minimum order requirement is $290

We offer the following creative products:

Large frame 18×22- $460

Medium frame 14×18 – $375

Small frame 11×13 – $290

Collection of both large &/or small frames- deal offer

Collection of unique shape frames- starting at $290

Standing desk frames- $75

Boutonniere frames- $75

Jewelry sets-  $75-$150

Bridesmaids’ gifts- $45-$150

Wedding signs- starting at $165

Escort cards- $25-$45

Favors- $25-$45

Table numbers- $25-$45

I’d love a custom piece, how soon after an event do you need the flowers?

The quicker your flowers come to us the better: no more than 2-3 days after the event. It is best to make a plan for delivering the flowers ahead of time. We take limited orders a month, so reaching out to us here (inquiry form), before the event is best! 

How do i get my flowers to you

Shipping your flowers to us couldn’t be easier. We send detailed step by step instructions on how to do that. You can also deliver your flowers to our home studio in Cardiff by the sea, CA, Mon- Wed, 9am-2pm by appointment only. We also pick up and deliver in the San Diego area for a fee, the fastest and safest, hustle free delivery to us.

Do you ever make custom commissioned pieces not from a wedding?

Yes, absolutely! We love creating pieces for home décor and gifts. If you have an idea of flowers you’d like, we can source the flowers and frame them. Be sure to check our online shop too!

How should I care for my flowers before I hand them off to you?

At the end of your event, place the flowers in water & store them somewhere cool. If possible, ask your florist to avoid using preservative spray on your flowers. Be sure to grab a centerpiece too. You can drop off the flowers at our studio in Cardiff by the sea, CA or ship them to us. After reserving here we send easy to follow shipping instructions.

I'm attending a wedding and I'd like to give the couple a custom frame. How should I do this?

Couples are so appreciative to be gifted their preserved sentimental flowers! If you’d like to gift the couple a gift card or order their custom piece, please inquire here before the event.

How long after my wedding will I receive my framed piece?

Top-quality craftsmanship is never rushed, but we are proud to say we have probably the fastest turnaround in the industry. Our floral pressing takes up to 2 weeks. After flowers are pressed, we work on composition. You will receive an email with mock-ups of artistic composition. Once settled on a final look and picked your desired wood, we will begin framing. The whole process takes approx. a month. If you have any questions please reach out to us here . During peak wedding season, (Spring /Summer / Fall)  allow additional time for completion due to high volume. A ton of care & detail goes into each frame!

How long do your preserved flowers last? & How do I care for my frame?

Framed flowers if properly cared for last decades! Direct sunlight and UV light must be avoided. Because the flowers and the process are natural and organic, please expect natural fading of color and browning over the years. We only naturally press the flowers and do not chemically treat them, the change in color is organically expected. Know that the colors will continue to change. We at Flora and the Sun love how this reflects age and the passage of time.

Can you press every type of flowers in any bouquet?

Certain flowers such as Calla lilies, some types of white roses, lisianthus, sunflowers  will not press well and will not fit in our frames. If your bouquet is mostly bulkier flowers, flowers in mostly white palette please reach out before sending your flowers so we can evaluate. 

Can I post about Flora and the Sun on my website, instagram, or blog?

We would love that! As long as proper credit & linking is provided to photos taken from our Instagram or website. 

I have flowers that have been dried out for a long time, can you still create something with them?

Flowers that have been dried out for months or years, unfortunately can not be pressed.  We suggest you work with a local florist or use our florist who can recreate your memorable bouquet and we can preserve.